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November 2004

November 30 Draw the line against Revisionist Attacks on American Heritage - Bazz Childress   
November 30 Anti-Coke fund faces long odds in market -  Get your ANTI-Coke shares today!
November 30 MARTA in better shape than anticipated -  MARTA celebrates a DEFICIT $26 million less than expected. Wow. Do I hear a Yeehah? Financial report
November 30 Lincoln Statue Scam (Richmond) -  See the 29Nov2004 SCV Press Release at the site above. Lincoln-lover story from the Weekly Standard 29Dec2003
November 30 Georgia on my Mind - Mike S. Adams  Adams' Nov.9 column on UGA
November 30 An opportunity for Democrats in red states - Cal Thomas  Georgia Democrats, take note!
November 30 NAACP President Mfume to Resign -  Who will be the new NAACP Fuhrer? Julian Bond?...whose hate-speech led to IRS audits of their tax status?
November 30 Friends of Resaca Battlefield -  TVA power lines threaten battlefield: AJC story
November 29 The True Meaning of Christmas - Commentary by Calvin E. Johnson, Jr. 
November 29 Taken for a ride - Paul Jacob  MARTA is coming after more state funding---just say NO! Does MARTA's financial report mention the word 'profit?' NO...but they have plenty of pretty, meaningless graphs.
November 29 Red stars fell on Alabama - Mike S. Adams  UGA advances homosexual agenda by practicing religious discrimination
November 29 Southern Co. actions define power surge -  Will PSC let 'Southern' Co. & Georgia Power turn the screw again?
November 29 The South then and now - Paul Greenberg  The NEW multi-issue South?
November 29 GOP's innovative plan to fund education may have Dems crying -  Folks are already wailing...
November 29 Georgia in Republicans' epicenter -  It's the Flag, stupid.
November 29 Battle site faces new power play -   
November 28 Planned power lines to cut through historic Resaca battle site - 
November 28 The Real Significance of the 'Civil War' - Thomas E. Woods Jr. 
November 27 Holiday musings - Commentary by J.A. Davis 
November 27 Spooner’s Fiery Attack on Lincolnite Hypocrisy - Thomas DiLorenzo 
November 27 GOP leaders look to replace property tax for funding schools - 
November 27 Miss. flag issue may resurface in session -  NCAA extortion keeps issue alive in Mississippi.
November 26 Election paper trail would lead to trust - 
November 26 In Memory of President Jefferson Davis -  Who died December 6, 1889
November 26 Heritage Girls keep God in mind -   
November 26 Two cities' flags don't fly high -  Almost as ugly as the Barnes rag or the Buckhead flag
November 24 Georgia slaps Roy Barnes again - X-Files  Make sure your speakers are on for this one! 
November 24 Georgia's 2006 turkey feast - X-Files  Have a blessed and safe Thanksgiving! 
November 24 Some bleak spots, but still reason to hope for future this Thanksgiving - Sister Billie Shipp  Do the "fresh Republican princes" really have a clean slate? We don't think so.
November 24 How can Democrats regain the inside track? -  Boycott conservative talk radio? Puh-lease!
November 24 Is Declaration of Independence unconstitutional? -  The mullahs of the ACLU and their jihad against American heritage escalates daily! Life imitates parody
November 24 Students free to Thank anybody, Except God -  Government schools can talk about Pilgrims, Indians and the Mayflower, but NOT religion!  Why did the Pilgrim cross the ocean? For corn and turkey?
November 24 DoD Crumbles Before ACLU on Scouts Issue; Amer. Legion Aghast -  Will Bush defend Scouts?
November 24 Democrats elect Senate leaders -  Brown elected minority leader
November 24 Freeloading Walmart, et al -  "Georgia found that over 10,000 children of Wal-Mart 'associates' ended up in the state health program. The cost to Georgia: $10 million."
November 24 India claims big election victory and laughs at Americans -   
November 24 Bernes wins appeals court runoff in light turnout - (AP)  Georgia Secretary of State results 
November 23 Bernes has the experience, can she get the votes? -  GHC, SHPAC and SPofGA endorse Bernes. Je$$e Jack$son, Roy Barnes, David Worley, homosexual activists and someone with BIG money supports Mead.
November 23 The First Real Thanksgiving - Commentary by David Anderson   From 2003.
November 23 George Washington's First Thanksgiving Proclamation -    
November 23 The Real Thanksgiving Story -  Socialism and communism failed in 17th century Virginia and Massachusetts...why do we keep trying it?
November 23 According to CAI, Coke steals water from poor communities - Yahoo! News  Since Georgia has an ongoing water shortage, especially in Atlanta, Coke needs to shut down.
November 23 Jefferson Davis statue in Kentucky's Capitol Rotunda - Bazz Childress SHNV  Childress speaks out to two members of the Kentucky Military History Commission: and 
November 23 Cut the Spending! - Cal Thomas  Middle Georgia grabs its share of pork!
November 22 American federalism: What Changed between 1787 and 1861? - Commentary by Steve Scroggins  
November 22 Nov.23 Runoff election - audio message from Je$$e Jack$on -   [Warning: Long load times for dialups] Send them a message: Vote Debra Bernes 
November 22 FBI Reports More Than 7,400 Hate Crimes (using bogus SPLC stats) -   Here we go again....SPLC hogwash
November 22 ...the rest of the First Thanksgiving fable -   Joe Kirby's editorial in the Marietta Daily Journal
November 22 Illegal Immigrant Amnesty Plan Revived -    
November 22 Illegal immigration undermines America's future - Nathan Tabor    
November 22 Damned if they do, Dead if they don't - Mark Alexander    
November 21 Kentucky Military Heritage Commission TurnCoats -   Davis Statue Should Remain in KY Capitol Rotunda
November 21 Civil War historians remember Sherman's 'March to the Sea' -   The battle of Griswoldville was Nov. 22, 1864.
November 21 Democrats size up Perdue -    
November 21 Black slaves freed from Arab masters -   Anyone notice the CONSPICUOUS SILENCE of Je$$e Jack$son, Al $harpton, Julian Bond, et al?
November 21 Republic vs. Democracy -   "Understanding the foundation of the American republic is a vital key toward protecting it."
November 20 Democrats' options few -   When Sonny Perdue is defeated in Nov. 2006, the picture will change dramatically
November 20 Dec. 4th was First Thanksgiving in Virginia, not Plymouth -    
November 20 Stop Foreign Workers Taking U.S. Jobs - H1-B visas -    
November 20 SHPAC Recommendation for Nov. 23 Runoff -    
November 19 Rep. Jimmy Skipper fined for ethics violation -   Skipper gives himself a "backdoor" payraise...cannot tolerate spartan slum living."
November 19 Homosexual activist group 'Georgia Equality' endorses Howard Mead for GA Court of Appeals -   Former candidate Mike Sheffield endorses Debra Bernes in Nov.23 runoff. GHC endorses Bernes.
November 19 Nuwaubians hold rally as York's case is appealed -  You'll recall the Nuwaubians from the commentary, Heritage Molesters Exposed. This York (confessed and convicted child molester) is too bizzare for parody. Read today's story for a chuckle.
November 19 Evangelicals: America’s Taliban - Mike S. Adams   Homosexual activists use obviously false analogy; it doesn't work. When P.C. forces (e.g., the Atlanta Taliban, the Augusta Taliban) attempt to eradicate culture they deem as 'infidel,' they clearly behave as the Afghan Taliban.
November 18 Augusta Flag Defense UPDATE - Press Release Please help in the fight with the Augusta Taliban!
November 18 Meet NAFTA on steroids -   New U.S.-Mexico-Canada security plan would virtually eliminate national borders
November 18 Democrats in [GA] House put on united front -  
November 18 Blue States Secession - One Southerner's Perspective - James A. Bowden  
November 18 Are Blacks the new bigots? - Rich Lowery   A wake up call for liberal Democrats? The NAACP now equates 'homosexual rights' to civil rights...yet 11 of 11 states banned homosexual marriage.
November 18 From the Deck of ShameDiamonds & Clubs -  
November 18 Connect these dots, NOW - Terrence Jeffrey   Evidence suggests that terrorists plan to cross the Mexican border with bio-agents or dirty bombs. Time to seal the border or ask later, "Why didn't we...?"
November 18 The Loss that keeps on giving - Ann Coulter  
November 17 Ethnic Cleansing of Dixie - Commentary by Billy Bearden  
November 17 Strange events concerning Augusta Mullah-Mayor Young -  
November 17 Augusta Taliban leader listed for possible DOE post -   Mullah-Mayor Young to be rewarded for anti-southern bigotry and violating Georgia law? [ AJC Political Inciter ]
November 17 How to Destroy America: By Design - Frosty Wooldridge  
November 17 Macon Telegraph on Court of Appeals Race -   Though we often disagree with The Macon Telegraph, this editorial is an interesting synopsis of the race.
November 16 GHC Endorses Debra Bernes for Georgia Court of Appeals - Press Release
November 16 Boy Scouts banned on U.S. military bases -   The ACLU terrorists strike again! Too bad Robert E. Lee isn't running the Pentagon.
November 16 Accept majority vote on Miss. flag -   Well said, Mr. Cook. At least Mississippi citizens had the opportunity to VOTE for their flag. We elected a Governor who promised us such a vote. But he sold out for a tax deal and denied a Fair Vote.
November 16 The South Under Siege 1830 - 2000 - by Frank Conner   Recommended book.
November 16 It's Not What You Know - by Gordon A. Thompson   Recommended book.
November 15 Jefferson Davis and the Big 'S' - Commentary by J.A. Davis  
November 15 Immigration and Outsourcing is out of control -  
November 15 This Week on DixieBroadcasting! -  
November 14 Historical battlefield markers vandalized -  
November 14 More Democrats hitch a ride on Republican tide -  
November 14 Come on Gov., let's sue 'em -  
November 14 NCAA's boycott of Mississippi is unsportsmanlike -  
November 12 Three Flags Over Buckhead - X-Files   Make sure your speakers are on...
November 12 Letter to Vanguard Index Fund about Coke -  
November 12 Bush betrays Conservatives already - Samuel Frances 
November 12 Testimony ends in Cobb evolution disclaimer trial - (AP)  
November 11 More stickers the ACLU finds objectionable - X-Files   Make sure your speakers are on...
November 11 A Veteran's Day stroll at Arlington - X-Files   Make sure your speakers are on...
November 11 Observe Veteran's Day -   American patriots honor Veterans all year long: at Dublin VAMC
November 11 Religious discrimination at the University of Georgia - Mike S. Adams  Georgia tax dollars at work...
November 11 Buckhead raises new banner -   Reckon Buckhead thinks the Perdue/Chamber state flag is too ugly to fly?
November 11 The United States: A Hayekian Solution -  Bismarck, Lincoln, Hitler vs. Von Mises, Hayek and Jefferson; Centralized vs. Decentralized
November 11 MARTA fare hike will go nowhere - Opinion  WARNING! WARNING! WARNING! Here we go again, folks, MARTA is pushing for STATE funding to support 3 counties! Perdue pushes more public transit
November 11 Coke scales back growth goals -  A little recognition of reality?
November 10 Yankee Secession Hypocrisy Exposed Again - Commentary by Steve Scroggins  
November 10 Turnover at Capitol likely to put strain on midstate pork -  The old "keep incumbents for greater pork" argument...
November 10 NHMS students honor veterans -  One vet honored was the son of our own Lum Petitt and the other was George McMath, a friend and contributor to GHC.
November 10 Chilling Costs of Illegal Immigration - Frosty Wooldridge 
November 10 Captain Henry Wirz murdered by Feds Nov. 10, 1865 -  
November 10 Christian Confederate Heritage Celebration -  
November 10 MARTA wants to sock it to riders at airport -   Metro Atlanta Transit Sales
November 10 Illegal worker scheme alleged -   Don't forget to say 'Thank You' to the Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce for encouraging this.
November 10 Prop. 200 win inspires other groups across U.S. -  
November 10 Gay marriage headed to courts -   "...The Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce, which led the charge to change the state flag and earlier this year said it was 'concerned' about the effect of the gay-marriage amendment on businesses..."
November 9 'Warriors of Honor' - The faith and legacies of Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson -  
November 9 Citizens of our states first - Charley Reese  
November 9 The Taxpayer and Citizen Protection Act, we need this in Georgia! -  
November 9 Blue states buzz over secession -  
November 9 Civil War dead to be honored this Veterans Day -  
November 9 TurnCoats Out of Office - State Senate -  
November 8 Lest We Forget Our Veterans - Commentary by Calvin Johnson  
November 8 Voters endorse term limits . . . and integrity - Paul Jacob 
November 8 NCAA flag ruling creating a flap -   NCAA continues its extortion...NCAA Extortion
November 8 Deck of Shame - Diamonds -  
November 8 Can Georgia GOP pull together in Legislature -   The GOP's "urban/rural" split...
November 8 Coca-Cola Enterprises North American sales down 4%, surprise, surprise, surprise -  
November 8 MARTA will fight electric rate hike -   MARTA wants to pass on its electricity costs to ALL Georgia consumers. Sound familiar?
November 8 Democrats' courting of immigrants falls short -   What about the REPUBLICAN courting of illegals?
November 6 Mexico will push amnesty in 2005 -  
November 6 GOP set to define agenda in state Legislature -  Is the Atlanta Chamber taking over? Watch the roads money and the MARTA funding.
November 6 Coke market share falls -  
November 6 Southern Heritage PAC Press Release -  
November 5 How to vote for Liberty - Joe Sobran 10/26/04  
November 5 Voters approve new crackdown on illegals -  
November 5 Consolidation carries risk for Perdue -  
November 5 Indicted Senator Faces Challenge -  
November 4 GHC 2004 Election Scorecard - Commentary by Jeff Davis
November 4 State flag on the legislative agenda for 2005 -  
November 4 Help hold the Augusta Mullah-Mayor Accountable -  
November 4 Democratic voter delusions - Michelle Malkin  
November 4 Election won, now win the culture - Chuck Colson  
November 4 Homosexual activists seek courts to overturn Georgia's vote -  
November 3 Donations needed to fund lawsuit against Augusta Taliban! - Press Release
November 3 SPLC slanders Macon State professor - Commentary by Steve Scroggins
November 3 On the scapegoating of my people, the Jews - Lewis Regenstein   This letter is in response to a commentary thread on
November 3 Georgia election results -  
November 3 November 2 Election Results - Republican State House and Senate -  
November 3 Origins of the GOP - Thomas DiLorenzo  
November 3 Captain Henry Wirz memorial Nov. 7 Andersonville - SHNV calendar  
November 3 Voters in Ten states OK gay-marriage ban - Yahoo! News   Remember: the Atlanta Chamber OPPOSED the Georgia measure
November 2 The Power of Focused Energy - X-Files   Make sure your speakers are on...
November 2 Perdue flagged in Macon - Report by Jim Wood  
November 2 The SSCV's revealing last whimper -  
November 2 The Electoral College vs. Mob Rule - Rep. Ron Paul, MD  
November 2 World Class Judicial Activism is coming your way ... -  
November 1 Apocalypse November - X-Files   Make sure your speakers are on...
November 1 Captain Eric Johnson finds Point of No Return - X-Files   Make sure your speakers are on...
November 1 Next year there will be many surprises from Tuesday's Election -  
November 1 Old South Harvest Ball Nov. 13th Augusta -  
November 1 Statewide November 2 Election Voter Guide -  
November 1 2004 Voting Guide (satire) -   These people ain't right. They're a hoot!
November 1 Speech from immigration forum in Georgia -  
November 1 Nazis? Not Hardly - debunking South-haters - Michael C. Tuggle  
November 1 TurnCoats Golden, Borders and Shaw get the message -  
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