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SECRET CHAMBER MAN: Hear the Parody song MP3 that's sweeping Georgia!!

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January 2006

January 31 The Great Campaign Issue Tug of War - X-Files 
January 31 Ignoring History invites Repetition - Commentary by Frank Gillispie 
January 31 The law question involved in the Jose Padilla case was decided in 1866 - Norman Black 
January 31 Bush is kicking away his base - Phyllis Schlafly 
January 31 Sounding the Alarm - Nancy Levant 
January 30 Donnie Kennedy speaks to Camp 1399's Lee Jackson Dinner - Steve Scroggins 
January 30 The Decline And Fall of America - Frosty Wooldridge 
January 30 State should fund ethics panel -  Perdue won't fund but 2% of his own "ethics" bill...
January 30 2006: Target Your State Legislature and Local Government - Devvy Kidd 
January 30 More on sending American jobs to foreign countries ... - 
January 30 Bills plentiful, unity lacking on immigrant issue - 
January 30 Perdue to guide eminent domain -  More do-nothing lip-service...
January 30 Taking our freedom for sake of security smacks of fascism - 
January 30 Dems seek to drive wedge between Republicans with college bill - AJC political inciter 
January 30 Legislative Alert: HB-1004 - Another fix for the governments addiction to your wallet - 
January 29 Liberty Lost - Commentary by J.A. Davis 
January 29 Gubernatorial candidate Cathy Cox brings campaign to Rossville - 
January 29 Ten Commandments law predicted - 
January 29 Archaeologists puzzle over object buried in Civil War cemetery - AP  Cannon buried?
January 29 Absentee voter fraud untouched by ID law -  Most frequent form of cheating allegations may be eased by recent rules?
January 29 Surprising critic of Coke - 
January 29 Museum born of fascination - AP 
January 29 A Divided America: The Big Lie - Dave Daubenmire 
January 29 Senator to address Georgia Democrats -  Bobby Kahn says Democrats want to "plant a flag in the South." Hmmm....
January 28 Republican National Committee (RNC) endorses Bush Amnesty Plan - 
January 28 Cox willing to work with GOP - 
January 28 White House Photo Agency Deletes Bush-Abramoff Pictures - 
January 28 Thin Reed - Will Abramoff’s Deep Throat Swallow God’s Mouthpiece? - Andrew Wheat 
January 28 Lawmakers keep up fast pace in General Assembly - Morris News Service  The pace is not an indicator of value.
January 28 Medicaid denials dire news for some illegal immigrants - 
January 28 Cox begins statewide tour with ethics focus - Morris News Service 
January 27 Remembering John B. Gordon - Commentary by Calvin E. Johnson, Jr. 
January 27 Erase our borders? - Commentary by Joan Hough 
January 27 Governor Perdue endorses amnesty programs for illegals - calls opponents hypocrites - 
January 27 A tale of two incumbents in Georgia - Eliot Peace  Georgia's redistricting has some unintended (?) consequences.
January 27 U.S. House votes Feb. 1 on rule restricting donations to churches - 
January 27 The 'culture of corruption' - Cal Thomas  There really ain't a "dime's worth of difference." Republicans are as corrupt as Democrats.
January 27 Republican skirts of fire - Mona Charen 
January 27 Don't be Google - Debra Saunders  How long before the U.S. government puts in with Google to suppress certain information like the Chinese do?
January 27 The Christian Soldiers: Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson - 
January 27 Ray Nagin and The Chocolate Factory - Selwyn Duke 
January 26 Your Papers Please! - A Day in the State of Atlanta in what used to be the Georgia Capitol - 
January 26 Altering The Political DNA of America - Frosty Wooldridge 
January 26 In government we trust - Walter Williams 
January 26 A Founding Father on presidential powers - Nat Hentoff 
January 26 Legislative Alert: SB-386 - More redistricting games ... - 
January 26 Cagle gains on Reed in poll - 
January 25 Attention all Georgia Heritage Supporters! - Norman Black 
January 25 Gainesville Cub Scouts meet 'Johnny Reb' - 
January 25 MARTA board: New gates aid fare evaders -  And Atlanta wants Georgia taxpayers to fund more incompetence...!
January 24 Remembering John B. Gordon - Calvin E. Johnson, Jr. 
January 24 Legislative Alert: HB-1001 Should be passed - 
January 24 Governor's new budget provides scant money for ethics reforms he proposed - AP  Everyone knows that PERDUE and ETHICS don't belong in the same sentence. What a sick joke! The Worst was that Perdue had the nerve to say it was a priority.
January 24 The Tip of the Iceberg -  As water resources become scarce, Atlanta is reaching and grabbing up Georgia's water.
January 24 Ford, GM cuts leave Georgia out in cold in auto plant battle - AP  If Perdue's only giving LIP service on education and ethics, he might at least work on the jobs situation.
January 24 Ralph Reed Blasts 'Guilt By Association' With Abramoff - 
January 23 Is the PC tide turning? - Commentary by Frank Gillispie 
January 23 Doing The Job Americans Won't Do - Frosty Wooldridge 
January 23 Immigration grows as security issue - Tom Regan 
January 23 GOP is in Serious Trouble - Chuck Baldwin 
January 23 Will your job move to Morocco? Another Expensive Trade Agreement signed - 
January 22 Robert E. Lee's Birthday Celebration - photos & reports - Steve Scroggins 
January 22 Lee Remembered in Atlanta 2006 - Commentary by Calvin E. Johnson, Jr. 
January 22 Robert E. Lee Celebration at Capitol, where was Governor Perdue and others? - 
January 22 SB 171 withdrawn - Republican State Senate backing down on illegal immigration bills - 
January 22 Failed Economic Polices Get Worse - Another $64,200,000,000 of debt for November ... - Mike Crane 
January 22 Cagle, Reed face off at forum -  What evidence is there that "flaggers" put those BOOT PERDUE signs up?
January 22 Reed loses supporters to Cagle - 
January 22 Two candidates in state races have strong local ties - 
January 22 Fight against illegals takes turn - 
January 21 Reed offers cash to drum up crowd for Christian Coalition -  Reed has to pay 'supporters' to attend his functions?
January 21 'We sense his greatness' -  Lee Birthday Celebration at the U.S. Capitol
January 20 A Tribute To Lee And Jackson - Chuck Baldwin 
January 19 Robert E. Lee - Gail Jarvis 
January 19 Lawmakers go to bat for water -  Ethics-challenged Perdue wants to turn over water planning to Atlanta puppets.
January 19 Open Season for Spin -  With Perdue, you're ALWAYS getting lies.
January 19 A Tribute to Lee and Jackson - Chuck Baldwin 
January 19 Rosie The Riveter Kicked A**! - Frosty Wooldridge 
January 18 Politicians should rededicate themselves to telling the truth - Billie Shipp  Shipp has hit on the perfect slogan for Perdue: "I will not Lie to you again...starting tomorrow..."
January 18 Hispanic advocates call immigration bill "unfair" -  No comprendez, amigos!
January 18 Cato Institute confirms President Bush is worlds greatest spender - Mike Crane 
January 18 Perdue bets Ford will stay -  BETS? Is Perdue running those odds through Reed and his casino buddies?
January 17 Failed Economic Polices Get Worse - Another $68,900,000,000 of debt for October ... - Mike Crane 
January 17 Ties to Abramoff shadow Reed's run in Georgia - 
January 17 Perdue: Hypocritical to use illegals' labor, call them burden - AP  Perdue defends failure to address illegal immigration by calling others hypocrites.
January 17 January 19, 2006 - Robert E. Lee's Birthday Celebration at the Capitol - 
January 17 Ga. House passes voter ID law - 
January 16 I have a dream, too - Joseph Farah 
January 16 Bush Has Crossed the Rubicon - Paul Craig Roberts 
January 16 Once Upon a Time in America - Pastor Chuck Baldwin 
January 15 America Will Become America Again - Frosty Wooldridge 
January 15 Perdue's upbeat message ignored a few storm clouds -  Does anyone really BELIEVE Perdue?
January 15 Perdue’s arrow up; Reed’s down - Dave Williams 
January 15 Linder says he wasn’t aware of Abramoff ties to contributions - Camie Young  Jack who?
January 15 Voter photo ID critics have no room to whine - Jim Wooten 
January 14 Teachers remain cautious, despite Perdue education push - AP  Looks like Perdue expects teachers and flaggers to remove him...just like Barnes.
January 14 The Forgotten Illegal Immigrants - Jim Kouri 
January 13 Perdue discusses spending plan during stop in Macon -  Looks like a few folks reminded Perdue about his LYING on the flag. See the photo!
January 13 No vote on immigrants in colleges -  Republicans spell it out!! Illegal Immigration is NOT A PRIORITY for them!
January 13 Supporters ask, is Reed worth the gamble? -  Duh! Heck, NO! He ain't worth jack!
January 12 Robert E. Lee-An American Hero - Calvin Johnson 
January 12 Losing the Cultural War at Home - Cliff Kincaid 
January 12 Nothing Can Stop Patterns of Decay - Frosty Wooldridge 
January 11 Abramoff Scandal Threatens to Derail Reed's Political Ambitions - 
January 11 Perdue out to buy teacher votes with pay raise - 
January 11 Border Agents Discover U.S.-Mexico Tunnel - AP 
January 10 Atlanta's image makeover not a hit to all - 
January 2 Eminent domain, voter ID to top legislative priorities - 
January 2 The Great Alien Invasion - Frosty Wooldridge 
January 2 It's an American Issue - Devvy Kidd 
January 2 2006 to feature key elections - 
January 1 States Urged to Find Katrina Sex Offenders - AP  Gulf Coast offenders roaming Georgia?
January 1 Perdue blasts FEMA's post-Katrina work in Georgia - AP  FEMA fiasco continues...
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